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    Based on the premise that natural is better, THI developed its proprietary AOSS technology to produce aqueous or crystalized saponin. Our raw material is produced in an ecologically friendly and sustainable process. No insecticides, no chemicals are used in the process; a true organic experience.

    Using AOSS technology, THI can separate efficiently and in an ecologically friendly manner, saponin from the debris left in the quinoa processing cycle. AOSS delivers pharmaceutical grade, quinoa saponins with a sapogenin content of 60% and over.

    THI and its proprietary AOSS technology will change the quinoa saponin supply curve, by making high quality product volume available continuously. AOSS technology stands for Advanced Organic Synthesis and Separation, which concentrates organic/ chemical compounds based on their physical characteristics like:

    1. Enthalpy
    2. Electrical charge
    3. Cations
    4. Anions
    5. PH
    6. Alkalinity
    7. Conductivity among others

    AOSS technology uses only water and thus compounds concentrated by it can be certified as organic. AOSS will make several hard-to-get organic and pharma compounds market ready, and of course, will transform the saponin market.