Based on a long standing relationship with the country, the people, and a sense of retribution to Bolivia, over the past decade, research has been conducted on Advanced Organic Synthesis & Separation (AOSS) in La Paz, Bolivia, which is a method of extracting specific compounds based on their physical properties, with no chemicals nor any pollutants. Pilot Plant Testing (PPT) was finished on the second half of 2015. Our Lexington plant, located in La Paz, Bolivia did reach mechanical completion on May 2015 and became fully operational on July 2015. Product is available for sale since Jan 2016.

AOSS will not only make quinoa saponin a viable Product/Market alternative, it will also be used to develop a new wave of organic products ranging from organic colorants to advanced fine chemical products. In a sense, saponin is only the first product to come online.

Terre Haute will become a leading manufacturer of organic ingredients and fine chemicals based on its AOSS technology and world class production facilities; a brand new wave of organic ingredients will soon be available to the market.

Drawing on years of production experience and the shared intellectual resources, our team has the skills and experience to deliver quality products using processes that range from laboratory scale through pilot plant to commercial scale production.

Quality Control

We employ world class quality control for both in-process and final testing production phases. The high standard of modern quality control and assurance facilities is matched by the expertise of our experienced staff. EU and US standards are either met or exceeded.